Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hollow Weenie

So for halloween this year we were invited to a costume party so for the firs time in several years we went all out. After just having seen and loved The Dark Knight, Darren was hell bent on dressing as the Joker. But fearing that there would be lots of people dressed as the Joker this year, plus the fact that the Joker costumes at the store were cheap and chintzy, we decided we'd put a twist on the costume. Darren decided to go as the Joker dressed as a nurse as in the scene where the Joker dresses as a nurse to get to Harvey Dent in the hospital. I found a nurse costume (meant for a woman), a red wig and bought a pair of white boxer briefs to keep Darren's jewels safely hidden and we were in business! Then I did his makeup, complete with raised scars made of hot glue and, WOW! It turned out great! We were quite proud of ourselves...until we got to the party and realized that no one there had even seen the Dark Knight yet! Do you believe it? Most people got the Joker part but wondered why Darren was wearing a nurses outfit! LOL! But we had a good night, we drank and played rock band and laughed at everyone's costumes. On our way to the party we stopped at my mother-in-laws to take pictures and see my sister-in-law's costume. Here are the pics. You know Darren's costume, I'm a vampiress, Kelly is a blue angel (a little play on words) and our friend Alex is Harry Potter. Oh, and our mom, even came up with a costume for Hiro. He was a wizard! The hat stayed on all of 3 seconds and we gave up but he didn't seem to mind the collar part. There's a shot of us at the party playing Rock Band, from left to right you have Peter Griffen, Darren, Jesus and a firefighter. Our friends Brian & Emily were Mario & Luigi.I also threw in a pic of my cool punkin.

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One Harley Rider said...

nice costumes!!!! It was good to see you guys last week!!!