Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Nicolie & Chels!

So, I have to inturrupt my regularly scheduled post (ok, it was going to be my halloween pics, told u I was behind) for an important announcement. Since I happen to be on here blogging on 2 of my cousins birthdays I might as well wish a great one to Nicole & Chels.

My girlfriend Chrissy & I got together to make cookies yesterday. We just had the baking bugg I guess. I made some sugar cookies & I thought, hey, why not make some for Chels since we're going there tomorrow. So here they are... BTW, sorry I didn't make any cookies for you Nicolie. It's hard to enjoy them from across the country.


One Harley Rider said...
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On the move said...

That deleted comment was me, Aunt Noreen. I was signed in under Harley Chronicles. Anyway, I was commenting on how professional looking those cookies are! Maybe you missed you calling.

Hope you had a good time at Chelsea's party.