Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Traverse City Trip

So, let me preface by saying, I love Traverse City. I have had many exciting and exotic vacations around the country and the world, and loved them all. BUT, there is something about Traverse that is just so damn relaxing. Both vacations I've had there have been wonderful and recharging. So my mom won 2 nights at this cheesy little motel on the strip in Traverse, and asked if Darren and I wanted to come. Now, money is tight but mom's paying for the room so ... SURE! I called a girlfriend of ours from high school who now lives there with her husband and asked if we could crash a night or two with her. Yay, a family vacation & friend vacation all in 1 week. We stayed the first 2 nights at the motel with my fam and had a great time! We rode bikes, rented a boat, went kyaking , went go-carting, shopping, hung out with our friend Vince who owns a jewelry shop there...all kinds of fun stuff. Then we went to our friends Kate & Greg's house ten minutes down the road and were planning to stay 2 nights there. At Kate's we had even MORE fun! Darren and I had the days to ourselves while our friends were at work, we explored more of TC, went hiking, kyaking again, shopping and putt putting and then spent the evenings with Kate & Greg. We drank, went boating, went to the casino, the club, and had a BLAST! Sooooo, instead of staying 2 nights like planned, we ended up staying 4! We are hoping to make it back this winter to try our hand at a little snowmobiling! Here are some pics of our trip, this might take 2 posts also with all the pics I got! Thanks to mom & dad & Kate & Greg for making this trip so much fun!

Pic 1: Darren & I mini golfing at Black Beard's

Pic 2: Darren & I hiking at Sand Lake Trails. Watch out for that Road!!!

Pic 3: Darren & I in front of Sand Lake

Pic 4: Sand Lake Trail head

Pic 5: Kate, Greg, Darren & I hangin out on their deck

Pic 6: Tubing on Long Lake

Pic 7: Look mom, no hands!

Pic 8: Me & Al boatin it up

Pic 9: Mom's cold after her turn on the tube

Pic 10: I was born for this life


Rae said...

Ash, you're so right about Traverse City being so relaxing. It would hit me the moment we reached the stop light by the Elks Lodge. Seeing that Bay spread out in front of us would strip away any of the stress of daily lives. And it's still the same, now living up here. When I leave work I hit that same light and poof! it's gone. We've been having snow all week and Boyne announced an open lift today, so your snowmobiling vacation could be imminent. I'd like to invite you to put your upcoming vacation pics on our community pages of www.MyNorth.com. You're going to find a whole crew of folks there that feel just like you do. And you should register for our contest, Win a Weekend Up North which is on our home page--who knows maybe you'll get your winter vacation for free too!

On the move said...

Wish I had gone!